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7/11/05 11:01 am - Update

So last weekend i got a job as a buser at some brazilian restaurant (Copa Cabana) It's really gay bought i get money so it's cool. I worked all weekend and im going to be working like all this week except for wednesday. I like my job but i dont because i miss vanessa :( So that sucks. Hmm Brad , Brendon, and I looked at an appartment. It's a three bedroom apartment and is only 825 a month and it's all inclusive. The shitty part of it is that it's in silver town. So like that's hick central.but that's fine. We're waiting to find out if we will get it. If we do, we are going to have a house warming party (yeah thats right it's lame but really sweet).

Well i guess that's all.

7/3/05 03:17 pm - Quiz!

Thirteen random things you like:
01) Vanessa
02) music
03) guitar
04) coffee
05) skateboarding
06) socks
07) friends
08) eating
09) outside, at night
10) money
11) sleeping
12) walking
13) alcohol

Twelve random things you want:
01) Vanessa
02) job
03) to be 600 pounds
04) sex
05) Tomorrow
06) sleep
07) Gwar
08) coffee
09) Better amp
10) Better guitar
11) money
12) food

Eleven good bands/artists:
01) Gwar
02) elliott smith
03) Bury Your Dead
04) Darkest Hour
05) Jude The Obscure
06) Madball
07) Dirty Socks
08) Cancer Bats
09) Keep It Up
10) Comeback Kid
11) Otep

Ten things about you...physically:
01) brown hair
02) Tanlines
03) Tall
04) Skinny
05) Blue Eyes
06) Big lips ha
07) long gorilla limbs
08) hairy veiny arms
09) little beard
10) smooth vuluptuous hands

Nine thoughts:
01) I love Vanessa
02) Excited
03) i want a job
04) i want money
05) Hungry
07) i type like a big creep with long fingers
08) i dont know
09) i want sex

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) coffee
02) cool bread
03) popcorn
04) orange juice
05) shrimp
06) tea
07) french fries
08) noodles

Seven things you wear daily:
01) underwear
02) bra
03) socks
04) shirt
05) jeans
06) hair
07) belt

Six things that annoy you:
01) Vanessa sometimes
02) mosquitos
03) people
05) comma's
06) people that cant spell technology

Five things you touch everyday:
01) water
02) clothes
03) hair
04) skin
05) walls (i like to touch the smoothness)

Four shows you watch:
01) Simpsons
02) That 70's show
03) Family Guy
04) Skateboarding shows

Three people you have a crush on:
01) Crushes are for like 5 year olds

Two things you hate:
01) Not having food
02) being thirsty

One thing you love:
01) Food

5/27/05 08:14 pm - It's been a while

I havent updated in a while
And i just heard some guy in the band called thursday sounding like homer simpson
Insane....they suck.
I just ate super sweet shrimp pasta stuff and it was super good.
Tongith me and the love of my life are going to go drinking.
Ha! she's sitting right beside me as im writing this.
My sister has creepy marijuana laces and it's creepy
I'm pretty much just writing everything i see.
So drinking fun ice wine will be the best.
Vanessa stole it from her foster parents.
This is pretty pointless.

But it's fun

And im done.

5/22/05 05:58 pm - lala

I love Vanessa
Vanessa and I died our hair
and that's it
oh yeah
and cut
I am the best

Vanessa is writing this

5/9/05 06:03 pm - Last Couple Of days

So the last couple of days or however long it has been has been sweet.
I've mostly spent them with vannessa is is as sweet as can be
Friday she slept over
Saturday we went out drinking, it was super fun, it was only her and i though but it's alright. Then she slept at my house again that night which was funny and fun.
Sunday i walked Vanessa to her dad's and that is it.

Today i created havok on the Alexisonfire message board. It's funny.

Thata about it.

5/3/05 06:51 pm - I'm back!

Well it seems im more happy and i can get over things better when i write in this so i guess im going to start writing in it again. And i will probably write in more detail again because it's way better. This is pretty much used to get bullshit off of my chest and stuff. So i think right now im going to take some time to write a couple of things that have been bothering me lately.

1. Certain people that get way too into the scene and turn into real assholes. There's many of these retards that i know. It seems people think that they have to be ass holes to be part of this city's hardcore/metal/ whatever scene. Also alot of people just getting into it seem to think that hardcore or metal or rap is the only stuff worth listening to. Everything else is emo. That's complete bullshit. As far as hardcore and metal goes it's the most talentless peice of shit ever. I do like it though. But come on there's a bunch of other music out there that takes talent. Not all music should be chugs and two steps.

2. People hardcore dancing in the hallways. There's a place to do this stuff, SHOWS! You usually look like an idiot anyways. Oh and if you're going to practice all the time at least fucking do it at shows. I'm not talking do it when everyone else isnt, do it when everyone else is too.

3. People hopping on the core trends that were not cool 2-3 years ago. For instance scenester hats. You've all seen them they're like baseball hats except for they're flat at the top and the sides. Alot of you are hopping on that trend now, and they went out of style like before a year ago. And camo, what do you think this is a new thing? it seems so, none of you wore it before and this trend has been going around for well since hardcore has been around. It's ugly as hell and alot of you arent even tough so it looks even more retarded.

4. The new words and lack there of. When i say this, firstly, i mean abbreviations. What the fuck is that? is your time so precious that you can't say full words? You all just look like retards when you write like that. And some words that everyone uses. Like get before everyword.
Get Shitty
Get Nice
Get Sweet
Get Tuff
Get into it
Get slutty
Those are just the most retarded things i have ever seen. And what's with the fad of saying shitty what's that even supposed to mean? Get shitty, I'm shitty, those are lame. What are you telling people to be mean or celebrating you're mean or something? it's funny because often times Get Shitty is followed by Get Nice. This makes no sense.

Scene kids are retarded.

This is a huge rant that nobody will read. But at least i got it out. I'm done

4/11/05 09:42 pm - Woah! Lack of updates

So i havent updated this in a while.
I don't even know why i write in this, vanessa is the only one that reads this.
So i think this will be the last entry.
Um, the weekend was the best thing ever
I spent it with the best person in the world.
We had so much fun.
She spent the whole weekend and i loved it.
So im not going to talk anymore this is the last ever. Bye

4/4/05 09:31 pm - Weekend

Okay Vanessa slept over on saturday it was so much fun. and Sunday we went to the Pen Center. Vanessa got new shoes and jeans and i got a new cd. Then we went home.

We stayed at my house for a while because we're cool. And then she had to go home as we were leaving she was walking very close to the van and i opened the door for the back (it slides) and it hit her and she fell in the snow. It was very funny but i felt very bad.

Today she gave me the jeans she bought because they don't fit her or something. That's about it.

4/2/05 01:15 pm - Short but sweet

Vanessa is the best ever.
She makes me so happy.
I don't really have anything to write about the past few days. My computer was bunk but im fixing it so thats all.

Banshee's are sweet.

3/28/05 12:33 pm - Boring

Last night was super boring i seriously did nothing. Vanessa went off of msn to take a nap. So she wanted me to stay on so we could talk later on but she never came. :( But i get to see her today though :). 5 Months!
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